Kurt Vile & The Violators

Vile gives his bedroom pop charm a big ole shot in the arm, fleshing out the sound with a full band treatment. This EP brings Philly's vilest into the studio and piles on another dose of dusted psych trappings with occasional room for a bit of electric carnage. Still tugging at the lonesome road mentality, despite being surrounded by friends, the beefed up lineup only serves to give Vile's space blues a bit more momentum. A little lighter on the pop hooks that dug into your scalp on Constant Hitmaker but what The Hunchback lacks in immediate hummability it more than makes up for in head nodding rock of the almost classic variety. When KV and the Violators really lock in that groove you can feel your skin tighten against the rain and smell the electricity in the air. Here's to hoping that the Violators don't let this serve as the only document of their promise.

[MP3] Kurt Vile & the Violators - The Hunchback

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