Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds

Kid Congo Powers is by no means new to any scene, hell the man's a bit of a legend as far as sidemen go. He's laid his hand on strings in bands from The Cramps, to Gun Club and his more recent work with Nick Cave. Despite such a stacked resume, Powers still isn't much of a household name, but never you mind. Why? Because, Kid Congo Powers and the Monkeybirds have laid Dracula Boots all over your ass and you'd be well advised to pay attention. Full of Powers' greasy garage licks and even more full of his flayed sense of humor, the album fits in well with the new stable of contemporaries at In The Red quite nicely. Collar wide and stance wider, Powers is every bit the lounge entertainer, psychedelic connoisseur and vamped up garage swaggerist all California rolled into one delectable package. Spicy and saucy but pulled tighter than a codpiece, the album keeps the beat flowing through your veins and nodding in your neck. I can only hope that this album brings a welcome amount of praise down on Powers' knack for gettin’ the boogie out into the streets.

[MP3] Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds - I Found A Peanut
[MP3] Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds - Funky Fly

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Blogger the sweet spot diviner said...

good to see kid [?!} congo is still musically active . excellent blog you've got here i like the being able to hear a couple of tracks without having to download whole albums . it's a bit like when record shops let you play a few tracks of an lp before you decided to buy or not

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