A few more chunks of garage's past up for grabs on the Jukebox this week. Some of the names might not be as far out, but these are some sorely overlooked tracks from each and every band.

[MP3] Mouse and the Traps - I'm A Man
Mouse and co. could be pretty soft in places but when they fired their grit and vigor up just right they spit out some pretty sweet little pieces of garage r'n'b. They do just that in their take on this oft covered 60's staple.

[MP3] Shadows of Knight - Shake
Sure you know them for their well worn cover of Them's "Gloria" but the Shadows really got.. uh overshadowed by that bit of radio fodder. This track burns its way in with a great organ intro but its when the drum break hits that the song reaches classic status. One of their best.

[MP3] The Remains - My Babe
The Remains' "Why Do I Cry" is a bona fide classic but the band definitely took a pretty good swing at a few others. This swaggering cover of Little Walter's classic can't really touch the original but its goes down pretty smooth.

[MP3] The Troggs - I Want You
One of the Troggs' most direct and fierce cuts, this one has a strange bit of sinister flavor to it. This has recently come back to life with a cover by Dead Luke but nobody does it like the Troggs. Desperation never sounded so good.

[MP3] The Alarm Clocks - Yeah
The Alarm Clocks had a bit of a Stones fixation and the number of songs they covered by them stands as testament. They drop a bit of the Jaggerisms on this one and keep things slow and gritty with a nice shout-along chorus.
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This is the stuff! Could you keep this up for next week too?

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