ECSR follow up their rather critically (though not as commercially) lauded album with this scrappier but no less infectious 7".

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - That Time of Day 7"
Not as dense and dark as last year's Primary Colours but this single out on Nervous Jerk is still plenty full of charm. The title track is a chugger that's balanced as usual between Current's guitar twang and Brendan
Suppression's reedy rasp. The band bounce it up a bit on the second cut and finish strong off the rails with "Noise In My Head" again vamping the twang knobs to full capacity. It could hardly be hoped that this would burn as hard as the album but then again PC wasn't really about singles; it was a slow dark rumbler that had to be experienced in full. Grab one of these if you see it, limited to 1000.

[MP3] Eddy Current Supression Ring - Noise In My Head

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