Black Moth Super Rainbow

So BMSR finally take the plunge into the studio, knocking out a new album with veteran lush psychadelicist Dave Fridmann. In all truth though, aside from a few string touches and maybe a bit of fidelity squeezing in at the edges - it sounds pretty much like a Black Moth album. That's not to say that Fridmann didn't lay a hand on this, he seems to have smoothed out a few of the edges and in places I do kind of miss the grittier beats, but for the most part he did keep the band's aesthetic in tact. Just as hazy as ever and swirling with the kind of lost world mentality that makes each and every release from this collective so all encompassing. Though the vocorder vocals are still very much a centerpiece of the sound, there doesn't seem to be as much of the implied innocence as there has been in the past, its still a parallel existence but not as heavily locked in childhood as some of their past releases. Maybe this is the sound of Black Moth adolescence.

[MP3] Black Moth Super Rainbow - Born on a Day The sun Didn't Rise
[MP3] Black Moth Super Rainbow - The Sticky (removed at UK label's request)

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