Astral Social Club

Situated squarely between the output of the Kompakt label and Black Dice sits Neil Campbell's Astral Social Club. Campbell utilizes the basis of repetitive German groove but adds a splash of noise and cut electronics to the mix to keep this from being just another minimal techno workout. Pushing repetition into hallucinogenic spaces, Octuplex sways into some pretty hazy headspace as it progresses with slow phases sweeping out the mechanical grind of beats like rising waves of euphoria. Campbell's deft ability at manipulating noise should come as no surprise given his roots in Vibracathedral Orchestra and Sunroof but it his ability to marry these manipulations seamlessly into motorik structures that makes this such an enticing release. A little something for the heads and the straight set here and perfect for drowning out pretty much any surrounding chaos.

[MP3] Astral Social Club - Muscle Adductor
[MP3] Astral Social Club - Sweet Spraint

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