You know I never was a fan of Fucked Up. Think it had something to do with not growing up a hardcore kid and therefore not having any sense of nostalgia tied to the band but this release by Ben from FU serves up a healthy dose of garage punk that I can get down with.

Young Governor - Virginia Creeper 7" With a pretty catchy outlook and some seriously scuzzed up guitar, this 7" from Young Governor has added itself nicely to the garage-punk canon of late. A-side burns with intensity and buries the needle in the red all the way though. The B-side adds some
breathing room at first and a almost a bit of jangle but still keeps the emotions burning on the chorus. Not sure if this will appeal to fans of his mainstay or if its too straightforward. Either way a pretty decent little single that makes me curious to hear more.

[MP3] Young Governor - Vigina Creeper

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