The Strange Boys

In The Red continues to keep the garage vital this year with yet another great release. The Strange Boys keep it loose and surprisingly clean shaven as far as snotty young garage goes. Tipping more nods to their mid-60's precursors than any current contemporaries (save maybe The Weakends), the boys have taken to heart the lessons that the best of their forefathers learned; taking the swing out of R&B and giving it a rough edge. The band's been a fixture in their Texas scene for a while despite their young ages but this more than welcome full length, while being a completely satisfying listen all the way throughout, only leaves listeners wanting more. This is some backyard barbecue type of jam, real sweat-stained dancing and jumping shit. With all the best garage coming out of the sweaty south, its becoming glaringly apparent that I need to uproot and get out where people dance to guitars.

[MP3] The Strange Boys - This Girls Taught Me a Dance
[MP3] The Strange Boys - Poem Party

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