So as bummed as I was to have somehow missed the Sub Pop singles club this time around (I'll catch the highlights on eBay I suppose) I'm that much more thrilled to have gotten in on the HoZac Hookup Klub in all its fuzzy lo-fi glory. First round is as sweet as can be and I'm now salivating for the next installment.

Woven Bones - HoZac Hookup Klub 7" From the first note of this single you can hear just why these boys get along well with RSTB fave Jacuzzi Boys. Swampy garage pscych that puts the damp in shirt is the main fare here and it doesn't come
much better. A raging buzzaw of guitars and pummel of skins works its way through the A-side leaving you gasping just enough breath to simmer down for the sickness that rumbles out of your speaker cones on the B-side. Look out for these boys to tear up a split with the aforementioned Jacuzzi's shortly.

[MP3] Woven Bones - With You Alone

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Dum Dum Girls - HoZac Hookup Klub 7" Well by now this "band" probably needs no introduction as her Captured Tracks 12" has been burning up playlists and her collab with Blank Dogs as The Mayfair Set isn't exactly keeping her off radars at the
moment. Well this single should do nothing to stem the tide of praise, flying down the same roll of influences that make boys and girls alike swoon for the Girls de Vivian; the guitars are crunchy, the melodies airy and sweet and the drums pepper the tracks like firecrackers. Three solid tracks that make the ensuing HoZac debut record seem pretty enticing.

[MP3] Dum Dum Girls - Mercury Mary

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Idle Times - HoZac Hookup Klub 7" Making his Woodsist 7" seem lethargic, Brian Standeford's keeping the Idle Time name in good standing here. The A-side rips through a garage punk racket that's got more than a few whiffs of melody on a
chorus that mixes a bit of aerosol and butane into quite the fire. As he has in the past, the B-Side cools of any A-side heat with a slow simmer of psych-blues that makes Standeford a bit of a double threat. Plenty to love on this single and hopefully the output won't end here.

[MP3] Idle Times - Million Miles Away

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