Shogun Kunitoki

Very excited to see Finland's Shogun Kunitoki return with another album this year. The band keeps their sound rooted in a vortex of organ fury with no shortage of rhythmic chaos flailing underneath. With the first track the band eases you into their world before exploding sound into vivid color and flashing lights. Buzzing like some hive mind come to envelop your soul for good, the band are the perfect mix of Krautrock and demented circus. I'd say this was up for the best Finnish release of the year but then again I don't underestimate Fonal and I see that Risto also has a release scheduled for '09. Nontheless Vinonaamakasio is an impressive accomplishment fraught with the kind of visceral psychedelia most bands could only aspire to. I'd highly recommend this to any fan of music, Finnish or otherwise, just don't make me try to pronounce Vinonaamakasio out loud.

[MP3] Shogun Kunitoki - Riddarholmen
[MP3] Shogun Kunitoki - Ratalintu

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As an extra added bonus the LP version of this album is a picture disc that features two 16 frame animation loops that can be viewed using a ~10Hz strobe. And if you don't happen to have a ~10Hz strobe, you're in luck because the band is selling a nifty kit you can solder together on this rather adorable owl screened circuit board. Don't say a band never tried to boost you're musical experience. The Finn's are working overtime.

Click HERE to check out the kit.
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Blogger The Green Shroud said...

This sounds excellent- thanks! I actually live in Finland right now, so I'll have to look out for these chaps, plus the other acts that you mentioned.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous John said...

That is really something. Loved their last album

12:55 PM  

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