RTFO Bandwagon

Columbus' lo-fi arsenal just got a little bit of country charm injected into it. RTFO spit a pretty nice shot of fuzzed out lo-fi pop but what's impressive is that they can also put on a bit of simple folk-country grace that hits like a last call barroom closer. The A-side of this shines like gold sifted out of the dusty western riverbed; 4 songs that show their full range and play up the sweet dynamic floating back and forth between male and female leads. The B side of the LP brings back the fuzz pop and reprises the title track "Dums Will Survive" in a lengthy destroyed alternate take. The band is definitely working out some kinks but nonetheless show a hefty amount of promise once they figure out how to mix their influences as seamlessly as the first half of this record.

[MP3] RTFO Bandwagon - Dums Will Survive
[MP3] RTFO Bandwagon - Like a Dan Shearer Over Troubled Water

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the soft approach!

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