LSD March

It's been a while since LSD March has appeared on this site but not for a lack of material. Under Milk Wood follows closely on last years collaboration with Kawabata Makoto and a few others, though this is the first proper LSD album that's really hit me since Empty Rubious Red. For the most part made up of their sparse, lonesome folk, with foreboding overtones reverberating in the air all around it. It would be an understatement to say that Shinsuke Michishita's world seems bleak; sunlight never seems to enter the shuttered rooms of his soul, though paranoia seems to seep in through every inch of the woodwork. Just as with Rubious, amid the desperate acoustic tracks lies one scorching and pained guitar burner; giving a glimpse of the greatness that Michishita has lying dormant. He really needs to spend one album focusing his despair into electric cries, just one heavy testament, no more of this one off track teaser crap. Though there does seem to be more of an emphasis on the electric guitar here, its mostly subtle hues of feedback shading, which is welcome but I know he's got more in him. All in all a pretty solid LSDM album and well worth it for you Japanese Psych fanatics.

[MP3] LSD March- Bisyonure No Kimi
[MP3] LSD March - Dare Ga Hoera

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