Not your average Tarentel record, but then again Tarentel isn't really your average band to begin with. The band landed on Temp Res and fit squarely in with the kind of epic rock that tied that stable together in the late nineties but since then they've moved to try on bits of ambience, glacial soundtracks, heavier beats and bits of noise. This limited release for Digitalis, ostensibly would fall closer to the latter two. Assembled from pieces of live performances across Italy and Switzerland, the album removes the band from any associations with slow swells and epic tones. Rattling on a base of eerie tones, static renderings that channel the last gasp of technology and pockets of field recordings; the album is has the feel of the somewhat burnt remains of the downfall of a civilization. Like a walking dream through piles of televisions barely tuned to looped recordings of nature shows interspersed with the crisp crackle of broadcast interruption. Meanwhile, somewhere in the distance an unearthly oscillator has begun to cry in inhuman tones. I'm not sure what reality Tarentel inhabit but it's certainly more complex than the one the rest of us share.

[MP3] Tarantel - Geneva, Switzerland
[MP3] Tarantel - Genova, Italy

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