Sun Araw / Predator Vision

We couldn't be happier around here than to see these two RSTB faves hook up for a split release. The beautifully packaged split, released on Not Not Fun, showcases the longform composition skills of both bands. The Sun Araw side is one of Cameron Stallones' best releases yet. Starting of in an early morning haze of restrained feedback and mournful trumpet, the piece builds into a storm of squall until about the 9 minute mark when the clouds clear and it breaks into a jumble of jungle funk letting the bass wobble and the rhythm flow. On the flip, Predator Vision doesn't disappoint either, with a sprawling torrent of laid back guitar burbling that builds over the side-length track into a furious rage of growling before cooling back into smoke. This release is absolutely essential for fans of both bands, and looking to be a hard contender to beat this year as far as great records. Though I suppose I'll have to reserve judgment since I've got a feeling both bands have a few more releases to come over '09.

[MP3] Sun Araw - Hey Mandala! (excerpt)

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