Mark Nelson continues his embryonic journey into the abyss with a new record under his solo Pan•American moniker. As with past releases, and indeed even with Nelson's former band Labradford, analog tones and minimalist structures are the focus. Nelson mixes this sparse formula with a bit of dub's sense of echo and space, rattling his monolithic tones around your head in reverberating quietude. What seems to constantly drape Nelson's work is a quiet longing, there's an awareness of surroundings but he's constantly focusing on the spaces between moments; stretching the yawn of the wind and the gentle Doppler of passing noise into meditative moments. White Bird Release plays up this sense of nature more than past Pan•American releases, letting bits of real world noise nestle into Nelson's slow motion balloon of a universe. Another absolutely beautiful Kranky release that further cements the label as an engine of glorious noise.

[MP3] Pan•American - For "Aiming At The Stars"
[MP3] Pan•American - How Much Progress One Makes

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