A nice little epilogue to Grouper's stunning album from last year. This split continues in Harris' clearer yet still entrancing direction an City Center provides the perfect counterpoint.

Grouper / City Center - Split 7" An absolutely beautiful split from these two ethereal acts. The Grouper side would fit in perfectly with the best of Dragging A Dead Deer... with its subtle melodies and insistent strum. Liz Harris continues to entrance us with each new release. On the
split, City Center are a perfect fit with a shrouded pop masterpiece that fades in and out of consciousness, occupying some of the same narcoleptic space that Grouper has mapped out. The whole thing is pulled together on marbled grey limited vinyl, making this a wonderfully essential single.

[MP3] Grouper - False Horizon

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thx! got this recently but have been wanting a digi copy for my walk home at night. grazi!

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