Comet Gain

What's Your Rupture has always seemed like a perfect settling place for Comet Gain. Pretty much the bulk of their roster owes something to the jangly indie-pop that the band has churned out over the last decade +; though it seems that the list of bands that might owe a little something to their breezy jangle is growing by the hour these days. Nevertheless Broken Record Prayers is an essential document of out-of-print 7"s and lost tracks (with a few new ones sprinkled in) from this often marginalized band. Full of bristling ennui and equal amounts of sunshine strums and gnarled fuzz, their catalog never feels stagnant. This ought to please a few collectors angling for lost eBay gems and I'll definitely be in line for the double LP spread of this one. If you're already a fan then you're probably already excited and if you're not currently acquainted get ready to join the ranks.

[MP3] Comet Gain - Brothers off the Block
[MP3] Comet Gain - Beatnik

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Anonymous matt said...

nice to see comet gain getting some props!

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