The Weakends

Yet another record strengthens my faith in the French underground. It would seem that it's not just dance tracks that are making a resurgence that side of the pond, as deep in France's gutters there lie traces of garage, post-punk and lo-fi. Well Cheveu may have post-punk sewn up and Yussuf J's got the bedroom on lock but as for rest, it seems there's a new batch of Frenchmen propping open the garage door. The band kicked out a 7" on Atlanta based Rob's House a while back and now they've followed suit with a proper S/T full length on the House as well. With a heavy dose of swagger and twang, the tremolo set to full tilt and a just a bit of brackish charm; this album is easily contending with the garage assault that's landed stateside. As usual Rob's House seem to be a divining rod for excellent records, The Weakends being no exception as they bring the French stomp and rumble all the way through this one.

[MP3] The Weakends- One Pill to Survive
[MP3] The Weakends- Wild Type

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Anonymous BOOMSHINE said...

Hey ! one of the best band from Bordeaux.
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