Peaking Lights

Comprised of Aaron and Indra from Rah Dunes, Peaking Lights build hushed landscapes of noise and tone from a twisted tapestry of electronic pulses, controlled feedback, tape loops, organ, snyth, guitar, and vocal harmonies. On first listen the band's pop charm is lost under a subtle cacophony of wires, hiss, and lo-fidelity but spend some time with them alone in a dark room and the din begins to melt away to reveal more than their recording aesthetic would let on. This balance of fidelity and melody is the key to the band's sound, as if finding a 3rd generation cassette taped copy of Icelandic and Swedish pop crushed into the snow on the street corner. Once it was pristine and beautiful, but in its current form sonic alterations and limitations have made it into something other; something still beautiful but much more intriguing. The band will soon follow the Clearyvoiant cassette with a full length on Night People and from the sounds of things that will only serve to further the band's sonic vision.

[MP3] Peaking Lights - Word Headache
[MP3] Peaking Lights- 5 Records Skipping Together

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