No-Neck Blues Band

The Beast that is NNK has spawned another album and this time it may well be both their most harrowing and most concise document yet. The band holed up in their own Black Dirt Studios for only three days to crank out this thorny mix of twisted improv-psych but the result was an expansive record that bounces through the darkened corridors of human insanity. Moving from burdened, manic sexual ecstasy to unnerving calm with the precision that only a band of 15+ year veterans could pull off without sounding sloppy, the album elevates improvisational psychedelia to a new level. Feeling much like a sonic sculpture depicting the depths of madness, longing, perversion and lack of control in general; this is no mere collection of clattering chimes. The reverberated screams only serve to make the underlying languorous slide guitar sound more menacing. The twisted scrapes and electronic blips make headphone surveys of Clomeim feel as if your own brain may be degenerating or at least tearing slightly at the synapses. Definitely not one for late night solo listens unless perhaps you're riding the same bi-polar nightmare vibe yourself; but in the light of day this reveals itself to be No Neck's most impressive document.

[MP3] No-Neck Blues Band - Salai Widnalas
[MP3] No-Neck Blues Band - Again

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posted by dissensous at 3:09:00 PM


Blogger David Snusgrop said...

Holy fuck, Again has officially kicked my arse.

Absolutely brilliant song!

4:10 PM  
Anonymous david said...

Cheers, Dissensous! Happy New Year to you! Thanks for the year's worth of great tunes.

5:22 PM  

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