Mi Ami

Comprised of ex-members of Black Eyes, Mi Ami have wrought an album of skittish paranoia littered with dub inflections, percussive post-punk throbs and experimental disco bass lines. Fulfilling the promises that were laid on their African Rhythms 12", Watersports is full of twisting, urgent tracks that pull and tug at the listener, while Daniel Martin-McCormick's vocals instill a sense of panic with their high pitched hysterics. The vocals may be the only thing that really pushes people away from the release. While they're a bit to get used to at first, once integrated into the whole of the album they become just another element in the band's arsenal. Truthfully, though it's the music bubbling underneath his wails that really makes Watersports shine. 2009 seems to be ushering a new era of dub experimentalism and I for one am wholeheartedly welcoming it.

[MP3] Mi Ami - Pressure

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