The Hunches

Portland's lost sons, The Hunches give their farewell in the form of Exit Dreams and though the demise is reportedly final, the band hasn't lost a step. The album is torn between its grunge roots, noise exterior and pop soul; filling in the spaces that fall between the three and acting as a reminder that each are so dependent upon each other that it's useless to try to parse them out. The band isn't afraid to fully delve themselves into either side of their personality though, kicking out straightforward pop numbers immediately followed by a shot of atonal crust rumble. They're at their best however, when they find that ephemeral balance between the two, wrapping up catchy melodies in a batter of fuzz and chaos. While they certainly sound comfortable in their home of In The Red, Exit Dreams wouldn't feel all that out of place kicking up some dust on the Siltbreeze side of the street. It's too bad that it seems the Silt won't get a chance to make that happen, but the band have definitely left a defiant statement in the wake of their exit. Kicking out of their career with a perfect roar instead of even entertaining the thought of fading away.

[MP3] The Hunches- Your Sick Blooms
[MP3] The Hunches- Pinwheel Spins

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Thanks for your post - i have purchased my CD copy of the band. This one is my first introduction to them and i love them dearly. Do you think i should explore their early stuff? Which albums then? Many thanks

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