Children's Hospital

I fear for the inhabitants of this children's hospital, their nights seem haunted with dark specters and the staff seems to have run ravage with the ether supply long ago. Alone Together alternates between a strange, dark pulse that aches itself into a twisted dance and more menacing impulses that scrape the underbelly of nihilistic punk. The album seems to be some sort of mesmerizing Lynchian noir journey in which lounge battered soul is just as at home on stage as dyspeptic alien rock. The group is an offshoot of the Intelligence/ A-Frames cult and bears some similarities, but what sets this apart from the rest of that set are the abundance of hauntingly dark female vocal led tracks. An absolutely essential release for the start of 2009.

[MP3] Children's Hospital - Exodus Return
[MP3] Children's Hospital - If You Find Me I'm Here

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