On their final album, Raccoo-oo-oon push themselves further into the abyss; melding the chaotic rhythms of their last album with the freeform explorations inherent in their Mythos Folkways recordings. The result is a searing bit of noise-prog that veers further off the rails than some of the songforms that make up Behold Secret Kingdom. Building in length and intensity over the course of the album, tracks careen from synth mutterings to intense percussion explosions and grumble back into murky pools of guitar. The band holds loosely onto the reigns, pulling in bits of fury and flame quickly then letting them run loose for the duration of a track. It's an interesting denouement on their career (at least under this name), though maybe this isn't quite the end as one last Mythos cassette will make its way out of Night People following its release. And though it will be sad to see the band splinter, I know that many interesting things are on the horizon including some great releases from Wet Hair which should at least soften the loss.

[MP3] Raccoo-oo-oon - Untitled (1)
[MP3] Raccoo-oo-oon - Untitled (5)

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Blogger Jim said...

Wizard tracks. I was gutted when I found out I missed them here. New mix soon?

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