From here on out I'm going to limit the RRITW posts to one album. Just seems unfair to always try to match two albums up. It was a fun experiment over the last couple years but its left way too many great albums unpaired. If a good match comes up of course, the rules are always pliable.

Gene Clark - White Light
Gene Clark was probably better known for his work with the Byrds, though he had quite a solo career in his own right. After singing with them for only two years, he left to pursue his own brand of country rock and after a few years that
closely mirrored his work in The Byrds, he began to develop a more laid back approach and an ease with country that he'd not previously displayed. White Light is one of those albums, like Heron's first, that I think may soon be mined by savy film soundtracks. It has the right mix of familiarity and melancholy without being a worn classic. Not a classic by commercial standards but by merit of song alone, it stands as an essential for fans of The Byrds, The Band or even lighter moments of Townes and Dylan (he covers "Tears of Rage," with moving results). Though he would make other albums before and after this, 1971 seemed to have wrung the most heartfelt bits from Clark's soul.

[MP3] Gene Clark - The Virgin
[MP3] Gene Clark - For A Spanish Guitar

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