As many of the Brooklyn lo-fi set continue to dominate people's radar this year (Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts) it seems more than likely that Nodzzz will soon slot themselves in amongst these names. With their first 7" unleashing the instantly catchy garage-pop of "I Don't Wanna Smoke Marijuana" on the world and their following 12" now appropriately landing on What's Your Rupture?, good things seem to be lining up for the band. More jangly and instantly catchy than either of the aforementioned bands, they split the difference between scrappy garage aesthetics and lo-fi jangle but the real gem is their endearing ability to craft effortlessly catchy songs. Though the WYR 12" tops out at just under 18 minutes, it leaves you salivating for more. This is a perfect cherry on a year full of lo-fi goodness.

[MP3] Nodzzz - Is She There
[MP3] Nodzzz - I Can't Wait

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Nodzzz! WYR! Yesssss, love it

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