Valerio Cosi - Collected Works

So we mentioned a few weeks ago one of Cosi's new albums that popped up on Digitalis, and hinted at the fact that Porter Records was compiling a collection of some of his out of print works. Well said collection is turning out to be one of the more essential releases of the year. Spanning most of his short recording career and with an emphasis on his solo work, the disc is a great recap for those who missed out on a lot of these limited releases in their original forms. Cosi plays every instrument on these pieces, ranging from his mainstay of saxophone to anything from percussion, processed tape loops, flute, synth, bass and quite a few more. Again the most impressive bit of Cosi's career, aside from the absolutely stunning pieces themselves, is that he's accomplished so much before the age of 23 and honestly he shows no signs of giving in. If you haven't been introduced to the Italian's works this is certainly the best and most essential place to start.

[MP3] Valerio Cosi - Hoboland
[MP3] Valerio Cosi - Making Love In Lhasa

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