Sun Araw

Cameron Stallones is another human being whose ability to crank out ambitions works at an astounding rate bewilders me. The man's already 3 releases deep in his Sun Araw project (a CD-r, 3"/12" and now this LP) this year and still he's capped off a limited cassette release and full length debut with his band Magic Lantern! Well in case there was any doubt to quantity overtaking quality, one need only take a listen to Beach Head, the latest Sun Araw LP. Also released, as his previous CD-r was, on Not Not Fun but where that disc traded in heavy amplifier burn; this takes a trip further into the muggy tropic inroads that Stallones first breached on his Boat Trip 3". Starting off in a dry, sitar styled darkness, the LP quickly turns jungle fueled delirium into peaceful tropic-synth hallucinations. The keys lighten the tone through the end of the first track and float on into the second, making this a very strange trip even for a man of Cameron's background. The blissful waves of sun and dub turn back towards the darkness as the album comes to a close though, easing in a creeping feeling of anxiety and disorientation that almost makes you doubt if you really were floating on that glass raft through steam clouds for the last 20 minutes.

[MP3] Sun Araw - Horse Steppin'

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Anonymous richrd said...

soooo good. got it on vinyl too woop

2:54 PM  
Blogger James Tichenor said...

A+ for real

9:26 AM  

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