A rare female entry into the ranks of Sacred Bones' warbled army. Melted soul never sounded so good.

Zola Jesus - Souer Sewer 7" Zola taps into the tortured spirit of soul wrung through an inky mimeograph on her first single for Sacred Bones. Shuffling waves of noise rumble in mechanized factory rhythms over her lonesome croon while playhouse piano taps out a crumpled melody below.
Definitely a new piece to the Sacred Bones puzzle, pulling away from so many nihilistic tones that have preceded her. The flip ramps up the pounding beat and obscures her croon in sheets of distorted synth but still keeps her passion in tact. Upon second and third listens to this I'm definitely eager for more from this morose voice from Wisconsin.

[MP3] Zola Jesus - Souer Sewer

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Blogger Subservient Experiment said...

Zola Jesus, Tony Romo, and Cheese are the only good things I've ever heard that came from Wisconsin.


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