Hush Arbors

Keith Wood's Hush Arbors gets the Ecstatic Peace treatment in what seems to be a growing trend of great underground artists turning out their most polished pieces for the label. Less shrouded in the ether than Wood has ever been before, but still hitting the same melancholic psych troubadour persona he's worked in the past. This is a good chance for those unassociated with Wood to get a sense of his abilities as a solid songwriter before delving into the misty nooks and crannies of his back catalog. The surprise here seems to be a slight newfound electric emphasis, with tracks like "Gone" almost approaching upbeat frivolity (at least by Hush Arbors' standards). Overall though the album is still streaked with the same translucent gray sunlight that's lit his career and still with the same whiff of wood smoke on the horizon. Another triumph from the Arbors.

[MP3] Hush Arbors - Water II

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Anonymous Sean Orr said...

these guys just played with my brother: St. Just Vigilantes.

5:49 PM  

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