Digital Leather

Just when you think you've got a label pegged they throw ya. Though Goner records trades in their heaping share of spastic punk, garage punk and all around dirt rock - they've pretty much maintained presence as a guitar label. Well Shawn Foree's Digital Leather has plenty of dirt rock and a dose of garage floor aesthetics but they bring the synths to the Goner party in a pretty huge way; splitting hairs between brooding garage and contortionable (rather than danceable) synth-punk. The first half of the record is the key here, being made up of bedroom recordings that lock into just the right mix of 80's keyboard gods and frayed guitar torrents. The second half dips in quality a bit but mostly because it's a lumping of live tracks that are sometimes heavier on the strange lyrics than on the plasticene rhythms. Digital Leather should fit right in at Goner though, despite their affinity for buzzing keys and future punk, and hell Jay Reatard even mastered it so at least the future is in good hands.

[MP3] Digital Leather - Simulator
[MP3] Digital Leather - Styrofoam

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Anonymous Snowdove said...

One has to love the extra layer synth and keyboard adds to the same old rock music.

10:33 AM  

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