Vikki Jackman

Like collaborator Andrew Chalk, Vikki Jackman's compositions retain a calm thread of memory. The album's tranquil passages seep into your brain as if staring at the sun and closing your eyes tight, following the flashes into your childhood, with the seared edges blurring the line between memory and reality. Whispering Pages floats on a film of imperceptibility almost too thin to grasp. Her tones are translucent at their meatiest but often less so, and though the pieces are evocatively titled they all bear more resemblance to the void than to the objects identified. This is a beautiful album but may evoke sleep in those who are not easily swayed by microtonal shifts and subtle piano, however, for those with patience there are hues of grey rain and soft green filtered sunlight. For fans of Chalk's work and likeminded minimalists, though this will come as just one more sweet respite from the flurry of daily life.

[MP3] Vikki Jackman - Empty Rooms
[MP3] Vikki Jackman - Two Clear Eyes

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