Tenniscoats & Secai

Following last year's pairing with Tape, Tenniscoats prove their flexibility in collaboration once again. This time the duo team up with Secai, fellow compatriots from the Majikick collective and label. The collaboration seems to be another perfect match with both members of Secai adding some extra vocal magic and abstract imagery to the loping beats and dreamy atmospherics that Saya and Ueno have been pumping out for some time. The results of which are fused in a languid cloud that pulses between the worlds of electronic, ambient and bits of jazz (ala The Drift). The perfect accompaniment to the end of summer, the album is full of warm breeze and salt air but with hints of exhaust. The album has a way of evoking an urban respite like a welcome patch of grass amongst endless asphalt. Once you ease yourself into Tenniscoats world you may quite possibly never want to re-emerge.

[MP3] Tenniscoats & Secai - Svenska
[MP3] Tenniscoats & Secai - Touch On

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Anonymous Annita said...

ahhhhhh... thank you!! what a wonderful surprise! The greatest of the greatest! New Tenniscoats around!! Thanks again ;) ;)

6:20 PM  

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