Seems like there hasn't been any folk around here in a while so I figure why not, lets hit it up this week. While The Incredible String band didn't really hit stateside, it did spread its influence to a few outlets in the rest of England and onto Europe with followers echoing their penchant for baroque strings and delicate fingerings. These two seem to stand out amongst the rest.

Forest - ForestForest - Forest
Probably the ISB's biggest followers were the English trio Forest, who at the urging of BBC DJ/ Rock Legend John Peel, were signed for two records to Harvest. The band rode the baroque folk style but crossed it over into a bit of progressiveness
lyrically and through their varied use of instrumentation. Peel, however, was in the minority among the group's fans and after this, their debut and one follow-up they disappeared from sight. The albums however do stand up as great representations of the 60's Brit-folk's obsession with their countries historic forms of music and it's rife with Olde English flavor and middle aged aesthetics.

[MP3] Forest - A Glade Somewhere
[MP3] Forest - Nothing Else Will Matter

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Subway - Subway
The French/ English duo Subway were another distant follower of the ISB, but as a band living in Paris at the time they weren't directly involved in the same circles. Actually it seems unlikely that they recorded at all, as they performed more often
as street and subway buskers than stage performers, hence the origin of their name. The band pressed a tiny amount of their debut record (around 200) but even this paltry amount sold poorly due to nonexistent publicity and backing. The record would have been all but lost, due to a common French practice at the time of melting down unsold record stock, if a few personal copies hadn't been recovered and recently reissued. The spooky atmospherics mixed with baroque folk stylings make for a wonderfully rich record and still retain a bit of medieval flavor despite their Parisian surroundings. Plus the band tread into inexplicable freakout territory, winding their way away from the stringed pastoral feel into a maelstrom of sound which is definitely an interesting highlight of the album.

[MP3] Subway - Song For Sinking Shelters
[MP3] Subway - All The Good Things

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Anonymous Michel said...

Hmm, these folks look interesting. I've found some great stuff through here, keep it up!

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i've been having some problems downloading stuff on here. anyone else?

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Blogger dissensous said...

Everything should be in order but if you guys are having any problems let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix them.

- D

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Blogger parallelliott said...

i am having problems. the download begins real slow, then about halfway through, i get an error message: "cannot download, connection with the server was reset." any suggestions on how to fix that? i'm not having problems downloading from other places. thanks.

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