So I'm torn (a bit, not too much) on this record. Major personalities involved in this record aside, it has a great pop heart. Each track, given the almost notoriously side project nature or aura of this project, is solidly built and can stand on its own in both upbeat fun settings and darker, more sinister ones. The latter being where the record shines the most brilliantly. When the claws come out, or the melancholy turns a darker shade of purple the ideas and players behind the curtain become irrelevant and everything clicks into place. My concerns, ok well lets not go so far as to say I'm all that concerned but my reservations, lie in the more upbeat songs that take on a jocular tone (ahem "Duck People", "Mister Meat" I'm looking at you). Though I can't be all that surprised since let's be honest Monsignor Banhart's never been the straightest of players and there does lie among the ranks of this ensemble one comedian by trade. I'd say this dichotomy downplays the shinier moments of the record but again its pretty evenly split and no pretensions were made to be serious. They do split this dynamic nicely on the upbeat and almost theatrical "Theme From Hollywood". Only here do they find the ability to swing both camp jocularity and a pop hook into a cohesive product. Elsewhere in happier meadows the tunes outshine the lyrics almost every time. However the overall record can't help but be kinda magical; its a solid musical base and the performers involved truly step up to the challenge on this one. Honestly I'd love to see the same cast fully engross themselves into the darker side of this record. Until then I'll just have to grow a sense of humor because I'll be damned if this record was ever meant to be taken this seriously.

[MP3] Megapuss - Older Lives
[MP3] Megapuss - Theme From Hollywood

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