Gang Gang Dance

An interesting new direction for the crew from Gang Gang. Technically coming in as their fourth full length, Saint Dymphna shares some similar territory with God's Money but seems to be leagues away at the same time. The album has moments of brilliance, decadence and straight up confusion. Though not shown on their recent Rawwar EP and on the more experimental leaning DVD they released, they've amped up the pop elements in their sound considerably in places. The move seems not unlikely but rather a bit ironic on an album named after the patron saint of outsiders. Still, with the exception of the "grime" moment that happens between the band and London MC Tinchy Stryder, which seems to be neither a straight-forward grime track nor a true Gang Gang moment and honestly breaks course with some of the rest of the album, the pop seepage seems to work. Their most brilliant moments retain a sense of GGD's history though, and there are plenty of them amongst the album's 11 tracks. It's just when the band gets lost in sheen that the confusion sets in. It almost feels as if the aforementioned "Princes" and "House Jam" could have shared a single rather than been dropped into the album. No matter, the rest of the tracks are hitting me squarely in the chest and packing the punch that I know Gang Gang is capable of.

[MP3] Gang Gang Dance - First Communion
[MP3] Gang Gang Dance - Dust

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you nailed that excactly.

12:35 PM  
Blogger dltxii said...

This album is by far, my favorite album of 2008. Hands down.

7:08 PM  

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