Bird Show

Never let it be said that Ben Vida isn't a versatile musician. On his latest album under the guise of Bird Show, the man manages over twenty instruments; droning, clanging and swirling them into a concoction of mantra-like meditations. This time around though, Vida opens his formula up a bit by letting in a few collaborators, including his brother Adam, Greg Davis and Robert AA Low. The songs on Untitled bounce back and forth between aptly titled studies and more traditional Bird Show songs. In the end this proves to make the songs a bit more interesting than the studies, but both have their own merits and some of the more expanded exercises such as "Mbira, Harp and Voice" break out of the mere study stage with the addition of song structured vocals. However when Vida and his crew do hit their peak, its still as elevating an experience as he's captured in the past, mixing exotic instruments into a whirlpools of dizzy sounds and topping them off with his low-key vocalizations. Kranky has been cranking (uh no pun intended there) out the records this year and there are quite a few more still rolling out. Great to see them back in form after a bit of a lull.

[MP3] Bird Show - Clouds and Their Shadows
[MP3] Bird Show- Green Vines

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