Bradford Cox is apparently a very busy man, I'm not sure when exactly he sleeps between two full time bands and a constant barrage of internet only songs. Somehow he still has time for limited 7"s and for that we thank him.

Atlas Sound - Atlas Shrugged 7" Cox stopped off at Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic studios to record this exclusive one off track; apparently making it up on the spot as well as playing all the instruments. While this might not be the cream of Cox's work
its pretty impressive for such a reportedly unrehearsed affair; a shuffling, mostly instrumental affair with a nice moaned/ sighed set of vocals over the top.. On the B-side Calvin does what Calvin does best; he dub's up the track, laying reverb over the top and producing a pretty nice "version" of the piece.

[MP3] Atlas Sound - Atlas Shrugged

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posted by dissensous at 11:16:00 AM


Blogger Mikey B said...

The song posted seems to be their cover of "Oh, It's Such a Shame" by Jay Reatard...

6:44 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Yep. Sorry about that. Tried to squeeze this one out quick before a vacation. That's what I get for rushing. Anyway the right track is posted now.

9:04 AM  

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