Two bands that take more than a page out of the Hendrix songbook and owe the legend quite a debt in the evolution of their guitar sound. Many would fall under the sway of Hendrix's innovations and each in their own way these two represented a bookended view of how that influence was spread across an unsuspecting public and more importantly a responsive base of musicians.

Tiger B. Smith - Tiger Rock
This German band seems to have been inspired by Hendrix's every inch as they not only paid homage to the guitar sound (though a much simpler version of it), but the rough hewn vocal delivery and a flair for dramatic style were also well
effect here. They certainly lacked the songwriting chops but that's a pretty unfair comparison for anyone. They specialize in a heavy plod that's half Hendrix and the other half Blue Cheer; which truth be told doesn't sound like a bad mix. The background on the group is sketchy and since they released a second album shortly thereafter with shots from the very same photo session it's entirely possible that these were just some German Session players. Nevertheless Tiger B. Smith pairs some heavy licks with an over the top sensibility that's nothing if not amusing and isn't that half the point? Definitely not an essential release from the vaults, but a great snapshot of influence on one time and place.

[MP3] Tiger B. Smith - Tiger Rock
[MP3] Tiger B. Smith - These Days

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Parish Hall - Parish Hall
Coming together a far stretch from Germany, the Cali trio Parish Hall owes a debt to a different side of Hendrix's sphere of influence. The group definitely had overtones of Jimi in their guitar work but they more accurately functioned in the
same way as the Experience did as a group. A tight sense of flash and blues and a pretty formidable rhythm section are the keys here. It seemed despite all the focus on their star; the Experience taught a whole generation how to pack power into a formidable three man force. This works out as a pretty nice piece of hard-tinged blues rock and still catches a fair price with collectors interested in the Gary Wagner originals displayed here. Much more so than that of Tiger B. Smith this band showed that a stylistic influence could be applied to a group in and still let the musicians stand on their own. A pretty nice album that's now been reissued thanks to the folks at Akarma.

[MP3] Parish Hall - My Eyes Are Getting Heavy
[MP3] Parish Hall - Silver Ghost

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