Taiga Remains

Alex Cobb's work under the name Taiga Remains swims in a sunny haze of pedals, effects and the slow creeping beauty Cobb wrestles from them. His works divine monolithic structures of drone that shimmer too brightly to be observed directly but reverberated off the surrounding caverns, they are only enhanced by the earthen echoes. The pace of Cobb's work is slow, almost creeping but soaks into you like the slow warmth of the morning sun; with each passing minute you grow warmer and more relaxed into the heat of the rays. Tones of this nature seem improbably inhuman and even less likely to have come from just a man and a guitar (plus a few key attachments) but as this entry into Root Strata's catalog will tell you, Cobb is a master of his medium and certainly at the top of form here. Originally released as a series of 3"s that were meant to stand alone; though easily melting into one another here, Ribbons of Dust is certainly an essential release for any drone fanatics out there. Pick one up from the consistently amazing Students of Decay.

[MP3] Taiga Remains - Part 2. B

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