Pierced Arrows

Following the recent demise of the perennially underrated and recently anthologized Dead Moon, core members Fred and Toody Cole have picked up right where they left of with Pierced Arrows. The band sounds, well... pretty much exactly like Dead Moon but that's not a bad thing at all. And truth be told its a pretty nice niche to occupy for fans new and old looking for more following their recent adulation. They pick up a new drummer in the form of Kelly Halliburton who keeps as steady a beat as punctuated any DM release I suppose. Fred's strangled wail is still rough as ever and I'll continue in my assertions that he could front a pretty great AC/DC tribute band if he was ever so inclined (if you don't believe me check out album opener "Guns of Thunder." But maybe it's for the best that he continues to exhume the demons of garage's past present and future. Dark overtones mirror those of Dead Moon's past and name change or no this is still the same grindstone force that pushed through those thousands of shows and countless releases unheralded. A welcome return, even if they never really left. See them live!

[MP3] Pierced Arrows - Walking Wounded
[MP3] Pierced Arrows - Frankenstein

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Blogger Drummer Michael said...

I caught these guys here in NZ earlier this year! Awesome band, even threw in Dead Moon Night and 54/40 or Fight for good measure. :)

4:26 PM  

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