Parts & Labor

Well since Dan Friel and Shooting Spires have appeared in the pages of Raven I suppose its time to feature the whole bunch. This is the second installment of Parts & Labor's Escapers series; an EP (though 51 tracks of EP that is) that harkens back to the spastic punk comps roping in < 1min tracks and definitely pulling on the heartstrings of Melt Banana fans everywhere. Here the boys (and now girl it looks like) spit out just the distilled core of pop, sometimes leaving only the hook in tact which works out fine if you have ADHD or are just short of time in general. Escapers 2: Grind Pop is a ridiculously fun ride and by churning out 51 tracks in just two days you can see both the creative process and the endless potential that lies in this formidable group of tunesmiths. The boundless energy and enthusiasm displayed by this band are sorely missing from a lot of their contemporaries and even such off the cuff releases like this can't help but make me smile and appreciate P&L.

[MP3] Parts & Labor - Blend Right In
[MP3] Parts & Labor - Lucky Times
[MP3] Parts & Labor - Semi-Annual

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