Ok so we'll drive the jukebox back in the garage and away from the hammy side of the 70's but just for now, no long term promises. A few standards here, ranging from the clean to the fuzzy to the foreign. You know the drill by now.

[MP3] The Sons of Fred - Baby What You Want Me To Do?
Despite the perplexing name, The Sons of Fred had a short run of singles in Britain. The band swung between R&B shuffle and a more Hollies style pop. This was the band's final single but its got the frat house soul moves in check, and it was a welcome return to the group's original direction. Though they might not have clung on to a legacy this piece of garage beat secures them in my book.

[MP3] Herbal Mixture - A Love That Never Died
In-between his two incarnations of The Groundhogs, bandleader Tony McPhee headed up this psych-pop band that while not really delving into the psych end of the pool too hard, did result in some of his lightest and most melodic work. This piece simmers with fuzz and bouncy strums galore and its damn catchy to boot. While most will still always remember McPhee in the light of his Groundhogs blues-soul, these scattered releases will forever show his softer side.

[MP3] The Quotations - Cool It
Whoa somehow The Quotations were able to rip off "Cool Jerk" and "Cherry Cherry" at the same time. Well since they didn't really put out too much more and the results are nicely catchy I suppose its not worth raising too much of a fuss over. The soul of Neil Diamond squeezed through the delivery of The Capitols.

[MP3] Want You - Danny Wyant
Wyant here one upping Cheap trick on that chorus by a few years yet. This is a clean shuffle of almost frat soul but with a sneer of youth. Danny shelled out the big bucks for that row of background singers but you know under that veneer he means exactly what he says. Once again pent up teen sexuality saves the day.

[MP3] Blues Men - Silencio
Ah and to top off this bunch the Argentinian band Blues Men ring in with their superb cover of Joe South's "Hush", redubbing it Silencio, kicking the original in the ass with a low rumble, a click of cowbell, organ swells and that delightfully sneered accent. This has quickly ranked high up there as my favorite version of the tune.
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