Nothing People

Following up on their three well received 7"s, Orland, CA's Nothing People spread their disease to a full length with pretty stellar results. Nothing People fume in on clouds of radiation sickness and burnt post societal psych-punk that rides nicely alongside the alien machinations of bands popping up on Sacred Bones. Though Nothing People aren't treading in queasy synths and blurred vocals as is key in that set, rather this is the hard sinister sister to their apocalyptic swells. Pulling in a distinct love for the late 70's sci-fi psych punk innovators a la Chrome (and the band has admitted an affinity for The Twinkeyz in the past) they're heading the new breed of outrider punk. Pulsing dirge-like stomps give way to shrouded melodies which are in turn blasted away by nihilistic smoke clouds that choke the brain into a welcome numbness. This record's growing on me more and more with each listen. Pick one up before they're gone, out now on S-S in limited quantities.

[MP3] Nothing People - Sickness
[MP3] Nothing People - I-5

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