Noa Babayof

Israeli songstress Noa Babayof takes a page straight out of the late 60's/early 70's history on folk and while some may claim that this has all been done before, that argument might only support reason to listen to this album all the more. Babayof is well aware of the roads she's treading and seems to have studied their paths intensely. The reason she stands out among a herd of folk followers is that she does it so well. Deep, lush arrangements and earnest delivery coupled with Noa's strong melancholy voice make this album a true folk gem. Subtle orchestral swells elevate Noa's songs to bouyant and breezy despite their heartbreaking nature. Full of leaf-filtered sunlight and crisp breezes cutting across gravestones, her album is both beautiful and sad in a way that can't extricate one feeling from the other. Greg Weeks has outdone himself on the production of this album. While much of his work of late has been stellar, this may be the pinnacle of the group. The string contributions from Katt Hernandez and Magaret Wienk along with harp and flute from Jesse Sparhawk and Jessica Weeks respectively certainly are a factor in the success of From a Window to a Wall as well. Again this is just one more reason that Language of Stone needs to put out everything on vinyl.

[MP3] Noa Babayof - Loving You
[MP3] Noa Babayof - Before Sleep

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