MV & EE - Total Loss Songs

As a bonus in Three Lobed's recent reissue of the duo's great meditative masterpiece Ragas of the Culvert, the band has included a whole disc of brand spanking new material. This collection, labeled Total Loss Songs culls up some work that features Matt and Erika cranking out stripped down guitar trips like the days of old alongside some newer work with their ever expanding Bummer...er uh Golden Road. There's a loose (and I mean that in the loosest possible way) theme around images of space and but as with much of the duo's work this might just be purely incidental and I'm not entirely sure what they're going on about lyrically anyway. Needless to say though even without this theme the songs are transportational and slow you like molasses the way only an MV & EE bummer trip can. Certainly not as cohesive as Gettin' Gone, or even the aforementioned Ragas but its some choice cuts from Matt and Erika just the same.

[MP3] MV & EE - Lonely Moon
[MP3] MV & EE - The Shape of Space

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Blogger Astro said...

The Shape of Space is an awesome track, thanks. Super great.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Kenny Bloggins said...

MV & EE are amazing on record. Their live show is really strange, though. Matt has done too many drugs these days, and spends lots of time bantering about... I dunno, the space time-continuum. His dog is super cute.

11:33 AM  

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