Kurt Vile

This one slipped by me on its release but after a tip from a friend it's definitely sneaking its way more and more onto my speakers. Vile's got a real knack for lo-fi pop and while at times he can swim into similar territories occupied by Ariel Pink and John Maus, he tends to know how to let the song overpower the aesthetics, an instinct the former two seem to often lack. Vile's lo-fi production isn't so much the core of his sound as is the case with those two; rather it's a sparse and unencumbered presentation for his casual take on homespun pop. And that's really the heart of Kurt's songs, aside from any question of aesthetics these are truly great and listenable pop songs. Constant Hitmaker may be a more telling title than it would first seem and its highly recommended that you pick up a copy and keep your ears perked for more from Mr. Vile.

[MP3] Kurt Vile - Freeway
[MP3] Kurt Vile - Slow Talkers

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Blogger Mark Schoneveld said...

Love Kurt's tunes! Check out a video I shot of him performing last summer:


2:31 PM  
Blogger parallelliott said...

this is good

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way into Kurt Vile, looking forward to the new album. He came by the studio and recorded a session for us at WNYU, you can listen here: http://wnyu.org/2008-06-17_newafternoonshow

He'll probably be around again to play during CMJ time, looking forward to it.

5:01 PM  

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