I've been meaning to get around to posting some of the wonderful entries into the Bored Fortress 7" series but they got buried under some other great singles that have bombarded me in the past few weeks. This one's most definitely the tops of the bunch.

Charalambides/Pocahaunted - Bored Fortress 7" Two sides of ehtereal beauty from two of the top vocal/drone combos out there. Pocahaunted turn in an especially restrained and wispy cut that shimmers and melts like ice in spring. The girls sound trapped and
twisted in a gale of wind that's broken only by the crack of rhythm that comes in about 2/3 through. On the flip, Charalambides posit one of their most delicate and beautiful releases in some time. A spun glass web of burbling guitar and Christina Carter's soaring voice weaving amongst the threads. As enchanted a pairing if I ever heard one and a testament to the quality of this annual series.

[MP3] Charalambides - Memory

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