In an unexpected but not necessarily far-fetched move, the boys in Oneida churn out two sides of inspired Dead covers that pay homage to and subsequently tear the doors off the originals.

Oneidea - Heads Ain't Ready 7" The A-side on this one was an especially sweet surprise when i cracked this open. Cranking up the energy on one of my favorite Dead tracks, "Cream Puff War" Oneida redefine this sunny number from the band's S/T debut. In the process they heat this into
a great stomping rocker in fine form; still retaining a glimmer of the organ line and taking the guitar to its unfettered conclusion. They do a fair amount of revision on the b-side as well; another inclusion from the band's S/T album subjected to a make-over and a head full of steam. This one falls just a little closer to the Dead's original mark but its by no means tame. It's good to see the band tipping to their influences on a release like this. The 7" is available in both swirled blue and swirled red pressings, both limited to 300.

[MP3] Oneida - Cream Puff War

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (Red) and HERE (Blue)
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Blogger Nihilist Loves Hate, Hates Everything said...

This is great, man. I was just thinking yesterday about compiling some kind of "tasteful Dead covers" comp--because there are more shitty/tasteless covers of Dead songs than just about any band--and this would definitely go on it.

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