Type alumnus Keith Kenniff returns again to his home label though this time back under the name Goldumnd. Around the Type hallways Kenniff was better known as Helios (though he's used the Goldmund alias to different ends there before) and after a short stint last year on Western Vinyl he's back with The Malady of Elegance. Admittedly Helios is one of Type's roster that never caught my ear much; the music being pleasant enough but amongst Type's incredibly strong roster it tended to get lost under pretty heavy competition. However Two Point Discrimination certainly caught my attention last year with its solo piano compositions and wonderful use of space. This follow-up is no less captivating, full of mournful pieces that spread cinematically across the graying horizon. Sharing a common bond with Eluvium's less dense material both in its breadth of sadness and knowledge that less is certainly more when it comes to expressing said emotion while also echoing bits of Max Richter's work. This is a much more fully realized vision of Goldmund than appeared in Western Vinyl's portrait series and it truly feels like the formal extension of the experiments that were conducted on that record. It's finally in this context that I see the true beauty of Kenniff's work.

[MP3] Goldmund - In A Notebook
[MP3] Goldmund - Threnody

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